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Blood, Magic & Mercy: League of the Moon, Book 3 (ebook)

Blood, Magic & Mercy: League of the Moon, Book 3 (ebook)

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A terrifying dream. A cryptic message. A mysterious death.

As the haunting echoes of a nightmare fade, Henry tries to shake them off. But nothing in Salem is ever that simple. A cryptic message emerges in his steamy bathroom mirror. When he shows Joanne the strange symbols, she feigns ignorance. Jo's had a nightmare of her own, and it doesn't end well for Henry.

The members of the League of the Moon coven are each having the exact same dream. And at the same time. Nobody can figure out who lies dying at the end. None can tell the others what they've dreamed. Because revealing their suspicions could mean death for someone they love.

The Red Witch is still in hiding, but her dark magic reaches far. She'll do whatever it takes to draw the League of the Moon coven out, one by one, until she gets what she needs. Something powerful lies within the one named Mercy. Something The Red Witch is desperate to possess. Something worth killing for.

Henry, Jo, Archie, Wanda, and the rest of the League of the Moon are back in the thrilling third installment of this supernatural suspense thrill ride! Find out what happens next!

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