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Black Magick & Envy: League of the Moon, Book 4

Black Magick & Envy: League of the Moon, Book 4

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When a strange new merchant arrives in the Witch City, the League of the Moon suspect there's more to him than meets the eye. Moving a casket into a magick shop in the middle of the night will do that…

Jagger Corey seemed to appear from nowhere. He's arrived with a dark wish, and strange things have begun to happen in Salem.

Henry Trank, called to Maine to take care of his ailing father, has disappeared.

Joanne Trank is attacked on the Salem common by six supernatural entities.

The Chief of the Salem Police goes missing on a routine wellness check.

All seemingly unrelated events.

In Salem, it's never that simple.

Envy carries a steep price. And someone in the League of the Moon coven must pay.

If he succeeds one will perish, and all will be changed forever.

Can they unravel Jagger's twisted agenda before it's too late?
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