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The Red Witch: League of the Moon, Book 2

The Red Witch: League of the Moon, Book 2

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Someone wicked this way comes ...

Henry and Joanne thought – hoped – it was over. That when Delilah was born, malevolent forces hidden around every corner were gone from their lives. In the Witch City, it's never that simple.

"Delilah Is Ours!" A threat, scrawled in blood, drips down their front door. Beneath it hangs the effigy of Wanda Heinze, leader of the League of the Moon coven, left by a mysterious, faceless entity caught on the building's security camera. A puppet whose strings are pulled by someone far worse.

The Red Witch is on the rise. An egomaniac who wants to rival the power of the ancient gods – she's set her sights on Henry and Joanne … and on their baby, Delilah. She knows what hides within the soul of their child, and she'll do anything – or kill anyone – to achieve the power she seeks.

Soon, Henry, Joanne, and Delilah are in the battle of their lives with the hooded entity stalking them, and with the one who wants all power for her own - desperate to protect their new baby, who may hold the key to salvation for all…

… or the destruction of everything Henry and Joanne hold dear.

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